Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an 8 week program that will meet weekly and a one day retreat. Please see above for timeframes.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is unlike any sort of program you may have encountered before.

It involves cultivating a different relationship between you and the things that challenge you in your life and relies completely upon the tools you already have. Specifically, mindfulness helps you access the ability to be non-judgmental, compassionate, patient, present, and aware. You wouldn’t have come this far if these qualities did not exist in you somewhere.

However, just because you have the inner wisdom and resources to contend differently with your life and all its aspects, does not mean that you routinely use them. Most of us are on “auto-pilot” much of the day and tend to react much more than we respond to the decisions and situations we face. Our courses are intended to develop the innate ability to cultivate mindfulness over “mindlessness”, with which we are all familiar. Those moments when we are unaware of where we are, what we are feeling and why we are doing what we are doing. Quite frequently, those are the moments that contribute most to our suffering. Just a few examples are: eating foods that we know we would be better off not eating; spending time with people that cause us great difficulty or emotional pain; or engaging in activities that are stressful, harmful or unnecessarily distracting.

The “flagship” 8-week MBSR program focus and intention is to reconnect you with that inner wisdom and deep knowing that resides within you. Mindfulness-based groups have a huge and growing body of research supporting their usefulness to address the kinds of problems we have described.

Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
Group discussions and dialogue aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life
Discussion with partners and small groups on personal responses to stress and well-being goals
Daily home assignments
Guided audio files for home practice
A workbook with short readings, a guide to the course, and resources to support your ongoing investigation of mindfulness

Please note we need at least 6 participants for the program to take place.

Please email me at tina@purmindful.com once you have registered or if you would like to pay in person. $350  If you would like to pay in installments let me know.

MBSR: Online: Monday Mornings: 10:00 - 12:00 pm EST • Feb 1 - March 22, 2021

Free Mindfulness Meditation Class via Zoom Wednesdays 5:30 pm
Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm.- 6:15 pm Free virtual meditation classes.  First come first serve basis. Previous students will have first access. Please email if you have an interest so that I may add you to the email list.


What is the MBSR 8-Week Live Online Program?

The online version of the MBSR program allows it to be offered beyond the normal limits of distance and time.  The entire course is delivered live through online video conferencing, and rather than meeting in-person, you will engage with the teacher and interact with other participants through your computer screen and web camera during weekly class sessions.  Home assignments and guided meditation audio files are all available online.  The online platform brings everyone together within the virtual classroom from different time zones, and with diverse life experiences and perspectives from around the world.

Throughout the program you will be consciously and systematically working with the challenges and demands of your everyday life. Our trained and certified instructors will create a safe and supportive environment for this work and learning through:

Live class sessions using simple online meeting technology that is rich in experience and connection
Systematic instruction in formal and informal MBSR meditation practices, including guided instruction and recordings to practice with at home
Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
Group dialogue, with discussions offered to enhance awareness in everyday life
The opportunity for one-on-one check-ins with instructors throughout the course
Online resource materials, dedicated technical support, and opportunities for feedback

Class sizes are limited to facilitate group connection and conversation. A computer and high-speed internet connection are required.  Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are not recommended.

Tuition and cancellation policy 

Tuition for Mindfulness programs will be refunded only if notice of withdrawal is received 7 days prior to the session start date; refund will be minus a $25 cancellation fee. 

After the first class has taken place, 75% of tuition will be refunded; after the second class, 50%; after the third class, 25%. No refund will be given after that point.

Mindful Renewal  4 week program - Virtually

If you’d like to renew a personal practice of mindfulness, this four-week course is designed to support your intention to begin again or to deepen your current practice. 

Feb 25, 2021 - March 18th, 2021 - 4 weeks of 1 hour sessions. 6:00 - 7:00PM.

With the support and inspiration of a class, we’ll revisit mindfulness practices – awareness of breath, sensation, thought and emotion, simple mindful movement, body scan, and the cultivation of kindness. Discussions will focus on attitudes and routines that support ongoing practice

Please note classes need 5 participants or program will not take place.

Every Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm Drop in Meditation classes  

Drop in Mindfulness Meditation classes - 6:00pm - 7:00pm every Tuesday at the YMCA Midtown  Temple Activity Center 709 George Anderson Drive, Wilmington, NC 28412. Please email me at tina@purmindful.com with any questions.  A suggested donation of $8.00



Individual One on One Mindfulness Coaching via Zoom 4(60 min sessions)  -                         $350

Individual One on One Mindfulness Coaching via Zoom  8(60 min sessions) -                         $675

Tina Abraham offers this one-on-one mindfulness coaching opportunity by video conference for professionals across a range of industries. Through careful listening and mindfulness therapies, she uses your own wisdom as a starting point for communication.
The offering includes three one-hour sessions:

Project inception
Checking in and refining
Guidance and clarification of completion or maintenance

Follow up from the first session include carefully and sharply reviewing goals and intentions to find the most direct path forward.