One to One Mindfulness Executive Coaching 

Are you effective, fulfilled and balanced in your work?

Mindfulness Executive Coaching is designed to bring about greater personal effectiveness, well-being and happiness, while positively impacting the performance of the organization. Mindful approaches to the workday will provide clarity, insight and new possibility to leaders and their teams, particularly those are facing challenges in:

- performance and effectiveness 
- creativity and energy
- managing change
- job satisfaction, balance and stress-reduction

A recent Harvard Business Review article affirms what we’ve known for years – mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, behaviors and interpersonal difficulties. Furthermore, mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders develop a new set of skills, including the capacity to think strategically and motivate others.

Mindfulness meditation when offered in the workplace is generally not tied to specific leadership development challenges. Instead, it is currently employed by executives and high performing professionals to manage stress, maintain focus, enhance emotional intelligence and improve interpersonal relationships. 

In mindful leadership coaching, client and coach work together to bring new perspectives to work and life.  Coaching plus the commitment to working and living mindfully provide significant positive impact to clients who are looking for more fulfillment, balance and happiness (and less stress, forgetfulness, and emotional reactivity). All coaching engagements are customized to each client's unique needs.  

We offer one-on-one meditation instruction for senior executives. Please inquire if interested.

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