Hearts Open Wide, With you in Mind

How to Apply for a Scholarship.

You may apply for a scholarship for one program per year. Priority is given to those applying for the first time. A separate scholarship application is required for each year. Because of the volume of requests for scholarships and our wish to support as many as possible, the full cost of a program is rarely covered by one of our scholarships. Eligibility is determined based on the  current Health Care District of New Hanover County Federal Poverty Level Guidelines. Assessment for eligibility and award of a scholarship begins with completing the registration process outlined below.

The first step toward enrollment in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is to sign-up and note that you are applying for a scholarship. The next step is to complete the form below. Decisions for the scholarship award will be 1 week prior to course start date.

Payment Plans

​As a form of tuition assistance, PUR Mindful, Mindful Foundations or MBSR program offers a three-month payment plan in the form of a three evenly distributed check or credit card payments charged monthly to Mindfulness Foundations or MBSR participants’ credit card. First payment is due prior to first class.