​Individual Sessions with a Mindfulness Coach

PUR Mindful offers individual coaching sessions with a mindfulness coach for all those interested. I work one-on-one with people across the world via phone and video chat, or in person.

What is a Mindfulness Coach?

A mindfulness coach is a mentor who works with you to help you develop your practice on and off the meditation cushion. I meet regularly with students and offer practices and a path for moving forward. Whether you want to deepen your understanding of Mindfulness meditation practice or develop mindfulness-based skills to help you through a difficult life situation, I am here to support your practice!

Meditation Coach

For anyone who wishes to dive deeper into meditation practices, finding a meditation coach or meditation teacher is incredibly helpful. A coach or teacher works with you to understand your personal practice and offer direction as you grow in your investigation of experience. A meditation coach works with you in the following areas:

Learn introductory meditation practices
Build a regular meditation practice
Receive personalized guidance on practices, techniques, and teachings
Have an empowered teacher with whom you can discuss experiences during meditation

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Mindfulness Based Life Coaching

Perhaps you’re more interested in a mentor or life coach who bases their teachings on mindfulness. I work with people who are looking to grow in their lives whether it is in relation to family life, work, or everyday living. Mindfulness based life coaching can help you:

Develop techniques to approach and manage stress in your life
Develop coping mechanisms and healthy responses to difficulties
Cultivate qualities of compassion, awareness, and boundary-setting in your life
Use the practices of mindfulness and compassion in your recovery​