This introduction to mindfulness course was a good starting point, and I’ve learned to start switching off from the clutter in my brain and to focus and accept the ‘here and now’. I think this will be very useful in my personal life but also in the work environment.

As a result of the PUR mindful course I’ve learned to focus on my present moment experience. For me the course was a journey into self-discovery that’s provided some lifelong skills.

I am a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, with a Master’s degree in Psychology and I am working on a Masters in Clinical Social Work and in my opinion Mindfulness is the key to well-being. In my opinion, to know peace is to know freedom. Mindfulness and meditation have the potential to free the mind and when the mind is free the possibilities are endless! Having meditated and explored mindfulness with Tina for several years, I have no reservation in stating that she has a great capacity to share this path in a skillful, compassionate, and professional manner.

Can honestly say that my experience with PUR Mindful - Wilmington Mindfulness was inspiring and uplifting. I studied psychology in college and where needed is helpful. However when it comes to higher understanding of oneself and tackling life's peripheral environment and daily issues, PUR has helped me to conquer those troubled times. Tina with her qualifications is a delight as a person and the teacher of mindfulness. A real person too.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course I  learned techniques for being mindful in everyday life, such as mindful communication, and I am better able to respond now to certain circumstances, rather than react! I also found it very beneficial to be able to speak to others on the course. Tina is a very effective communicator, and I found the practical examples she gave to be extremely useful. She had a very calming influence on the group and made me feel comfortable, and I felt as if I could mention as much or as little as I wanted too… Very good course

I have learned how to be mindful in stressful situations… and give myself a break. The session has given me ‘food for thought’ on how to choose – because you have a choice on how much ‘stress’ you take on. I found it easy to understand and digest – the course was pitched ‘just right’.

The Into to mindfulness course has given me a chance to put into practice, discuss and report back on methods that have helped me feel calmer and cope with anxiety. The routine of the program has pushed me into practicing these methods regularly which will all round be beneficial to me. The material was explained well and methods were recalled on throughout the weeks. Individuals were given time and chance to speak without feeling pushed and Tina made it a comfortable environment in which to practice in… A successful course!

​Tina is not your stereotypical instructor. She recognizes the need to engage with her students in a manner they can understand, relating back to their daily life experience. Whether you are already far down the path of mindfulness or trying to find a way to bring more balance to a hectic lifestyle, Tina helps you discover your own way to a more mindful way of living.

​Tina takes great care in preparation and presentation of her Mindfulness classes. I have found her approach to introducing this practice extremely practical for my style of learning as she keeps things fresh by adding variety and this offers me the opportunity to try different ways in attempting to get there. The result of this continued practice with her has been very positive in elevating more joy from day to day things I like to do. It also has aided in reminder of a more calming approach to other things that may have taken a negative turn without a little patience and space.

​Last year while going through a particularly tough time I meditated with Tina. The groundwork she laid through the beginners mindfulness meetups I attended was incredibly useful then and continues to be an important part of my meditation practice today.