Mindfulness Training Opportunities in the Workplace

No two companies have the same culture or challenges. That's why the trainings are always bespoke. 

Designing, organising and embedding any kind of training rarely works in an off-the-peg manner. To see best effects from the training over the medium and long-terms calls for a a design that works with the rhythms of teams and their schedules. We tailor our trainings to fit with wider company objectives and to sit well alongside pre-existing programmes.

Mindfulness training courses come in a variety of formats.

For example:

Introduction to Mindfulness for the Corporate Landscape

in groups of up to 20 people meeting once a week for four weeks, each session lasting 60 minutes.

Mindful Leadership Course

in groups of up to 20 people meeting once a week for six weeks, each session lasting 60 minutes.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

in groups of up to 20 people meeting once a week for eight weeks, each session lasting 2 hours and a half day retreat.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

in groups of up to 20 people meeting once a week for six weeks, each session lasting 60 minutes.

One-to-one by phone, over eight 45 minute sessions.

Taster Session up to 25 people for 75 minutes


Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in decreased effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency in employees as well as in low workplace morale. Combined, these factors may lead to decreased productivity, and increased employee absenteeism and burnout.

Mindfulness is being integrated into many workplaces, as it enhances stress management and promotes employee self-care. Additional benefits may include promoting clear and constructive communication, and enhancing workplace relationships.

​Mindfulness can powerfully help leaders to practice in the complex, dynamic and fast-paced context of the 21st century. Above all, leadership today calls for three key leadership capacities: resilience, collaboration and the ability to stay agile and to lead in conditions of high complexity.

A mindfulness training program at work can provide many benefits, both for individual employees and the bottom line:

Improved health and wellbeing, resulting in reduced absenteeism;
Decreased stress and chronic illness, returning reduced healthcare costs;
Increased focus and ability to pay attention, generating improved productivity and accuracy;
Enhanced creativity and clarity, leading to improved decision-making and problem-solving;
Improved emotional intelligence, resulting in improved communication, relationships and morale;
Heightened job and life satisfaction, producing increased employee engagement and reduced turnover. 

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